Make Lotus
Model Elan
Year 1971
Fuel Gasoline
Condition Very Good
Country United States
Region VT
City Brattleboro
Zip 05301
1971 Lotus Elan Series 4 SE (Special Edition) Fixed Head Coupe. Never painted. Original, rust-free chassis. Original interior. The chassis was rust free and undamaged when it was removed from the body and given a full epoxy coat. The epoxy coating still looks fresh and shiny. No signs of corrosion or damage. Lots of photos included . Particularly a chassis so well preserved for perpetual service. The engine, also original, was rebuilt by Jerry Mong of Vanguard Motors, builder of the Bobsy racecars. Mong was a well-known twin cam expert and regularly entrusted to assemble Cosworth and other exotic engines. Very few miles on this engine since its rebuild. The car was fully assembled save for the accelerator linkage, which had been dismantled in an effort to figure out why he couldn’t get the idle to come down to a reasonable level. I found a break in the hose behind the dash that feeds the vacuum operated headlamps switch. I suspect this was the true root cause of the high idle, and many of us can sympathize with the frustration that would come from effectively fixing “everything” only to have an unsolvable idle issue. ‘The last straw’ if you will. List of work that has been completed in my care: New clutch master and slave cylinders Rebuilt Brake master New fluid level warning switch New hoses and thermostat Complete rebuild of the Stromberg carburetors Replaced the stock radiator with a UK-built full-width aluminum unit with English Kenlow fans Installed a High-torque starter. Replaced the generator with an alternator hidden in a generator body, 1/3 the weight and nearly twice the output Replaced the regulator with NOS unit (unused per above, but visually important) New Lucas sport coil New Lucas starter solenoid New Lucas headlight relays New Lucas fuse box Pertronix electronic ignition, cap, rotor, wires New alloy fuel tank (the old one didn’t leak, but the pickup was blocked). New fuel pump, filter, hoses. New headlamp linkage and tubing The wheels were hastily painted black. The correct color is silver. The tires are the Dunlop SP4s which are the same as supplied new on these cars.
1971 Lotus Elan SE Fixed Head Coupe