Make Laverda
Model JOTA 1000
Year 1982
Fuel Gasoline
Condition Very Good
Country United States
Region OH
City Vanlue
Zip 45890
1982 Laverda Jota 1000 - 120 degree engine Little known in the USA, Laverda was a prominent brand of Italian motorcycles in Europe in the 1960’s. Seeing their future in larger sports bikes the company introduced a 650cc twin in 1966 which was soon upsized to 750cc. The engine design was based on proven Honda engineering, very well built and quite powerful and reliable, especially so compared to other Italian and various British bikes of the time. A 1000cc three cylinder model, the Jota, was developed from this platform in the late 1970s. Laverdas were a premium brand with proven performance, built using the best available components and always priced at the top of the market. This very original survivor Laverda Jota is a remarkable example of a special motorcycle. Considered the top European superbike of its day the Jota was a performance showcase for Laverda and had a very successful racing career. Rated at around 90hp, it could exceed 140mph, making it the fastest production bike of the era. Race versions went on to win the UK Production series in 1976, '78, '79 and '80 This Euro-Spec Laverda was purchased from a collector in Italy and recently imported to California. Very low original mileage with only 22K kilometers. (13,670 miles .. Bikes has odo and speedo in kilometers and kph) Overall cosmetic condition is excellent, showing very minor weathering and no significant flaws or faults. Paint, bodywork, seat, wheels, chrome, instruments, tires etc. all in nice shape. This bike is very original. Has had an original replacement ignition at one point. Wheels correct but color not standard and cylinder casting appears to have been painted black, might have new rings. Completely maintained and recently serviced, runs and rides like new. The Laverda Jota is a 1000cc three cylinder Italian super sports motorcycle that was top of the line and one of the most expense production bikes available in its day. The Jota model was in production from 1976 through to 1982. The 1000cc three cylinder engine was overdesigned with multiple ball and roller bearings and is very robust. It was originally fitted with a crankshaft with 180° crankpin phasing and ignition timing on the right hand side of the engine till 1980. Then in 1981 the ignition timing was moved to the left side in a new all-electronic unit and in 1982 the Jota 120° was released which had the crankpin phasing to 120° which made for a much smoother engine. All electrical components and switchgear for the Jota are German Bosch or Japanese, which makes the Jota a very reliable and trouble free model. The 1982 Jota had an upgraded 260 watt Nippon Denso alternator. Late series 120° 3 cylinder 1000 is smooth and extremely powerful and honestly is the best sounding engine I have ever heard. Truly amazing just to listen to, and even more so to ride. The Jota has a rich history and is one of the few classic bikes that can exceed any and all expectations you could have for riding it. They say don't ride your heroes. Well here is a bike that definitively lives up to its lore. Handling is crisp and stable, suspension is on the firm side and the brakes are top of the line Brembo for the period. Extremely fast, quite rare and a very special machine. A very fine example of a unique Italian sports bike in excellent condition … a great addition to any serious collection and a real experience to ride.
1982 Laverda JOTA 1000