Make Newmar
Model Essex
Year 2004
Fuel Diesel
Condition Very Good
Country United States
Region TX
City Austin
Zip 78753
The best word to describe this high end Luxury Coach is just, WOW! The attention to detail & upkeep the original owner (a Nuclear power plant engineer) had with this Coach has left to many features to list, but I’ll try. The Essex is my personal favorite. With 96,000 miles & being dry stored, this luxury coach is barely broke in. Everything I’ve purchased for this coach was specific to my personal preferences after owning several motorhomes for several years. One of the reasons I personally pick Essex for my family is the structural rigidity that Newmar manufactures into their motor coaches making them very safe. I would encourage you to search YouTube for the Newmar factory tour. It absolutely amazes me how many namebrand expensive motor homes are built like cardboard boxes. Newmar is one of the few brands that still sell parts for all of their RVs. This Essex is absolutely stunning. It is exceptional in so many ways. One exclusive is it’s innovative 4 zone, heat and air system that provides optimum air distribution throughout the coach. A level of comfort that is unmatched throughout the industry. The newly upgraded high efficient Heat Pumps make for a fantastic source of Heat above 40 degrees. The Italian made washer & dryer combo offers the convenience of home, While on the road. A Hybrid diesel/electric multi stage water heater allows multiple ways for unlimited hot water for a nice shower that’s big enough for a 6’ 4” man to get clean in without feeling confined. With a High volume high PSI marine water pump you won’t have to worry about a shortage of water volume. With a 110 gallon freshwater tank you’ll be able to take multiple showers without having to worry about running out of water. With a new Charcoal filtered Fossett for drinking water enjoy a nice glass good tasting water. The brand new high end modern faucets through out, will give you assurance that no faucets will leak for a long time. The Elegant polished marble floor covering in entry, has been extended throughout the gallery and the bath area for added function and beauty and is combined with Carpeted floor covering in the bedroom area that’s still in great shape. The Gas electric refrigerator with ice maker, allows you to keep your food between -10 and 40° with or without power. To keep you jamming going down the road or parked, you have a nice stereo with Sirius Satellite Radio and Surround sound . After a long day at the beach, come home to your luxury coach and be entertained. With 4 brand new 4K Smart TV’s that connect to in-motion satellite or the wineguard auto connect antenna for local channels, options are many. If you want to crank up the volume while watching Netflix,kick back in your leather reclinable captain chair. Fill the percussion of the bullets fly and explosions vibrate the walls, with an amazing amplified surround sound with bass woofer. It’s easy to accommodate additional overnight guest with the Jackknife couch that converts to a queen size bed. If it gets a little chilly, but you’re not plugged in. Don’t want to run the generator, no worries. You’ve got a newly upgraded Aquahot 450D ($10,000 upgrade) Hydronic Heat System (operates with Electric,Diesel or waste Heat off motor). You will experience a level of comfort only hydronic Heat gives regardless of outside Temps. With 5 zones that include cargo everyone can sleep as warm or cool as they like. You will be all set for cooking breakfast with a Princess two burner gas cook top and a GE Profile convection oven/microwave/exhaust fan, that can bake biscuits in eight minutes. While cooking, enjoy the beautiful solid surface countertops throughout the entire coach. Be confident to know that in this Luxury Coach you have enough storage to bring everything you need and the kitchen sink. With pass-through basement storage and 4 retractable oversized shelves , you’ve got enough storage for everybody. While in route to your destination, if you decide you’re going to boon dock for the night, but not quite level? No worries, with HWH computerize Leveling system, push one button and everything else is done automatically. It dumps the air, dropping the coach lower to the ground, and with a built-in gyroscope, it knows exactly what it needs to do next to make your motorcoach level and Secure. Sit back and be amazed as your bed goes from Rolling into the floor at 1 AM, to perfectly level and comfortable. While in bed with one push of the button start your Onan 12500 Watt quiet diesel Cummins generator. Just like plugged into an RV campground, you have all the comforts of home. If it’s cool enough outside that you don’t need your air-conditioner, with a 3000 W inverter/converter/battery charger, every thing in this motorcoach including your convection oven and coffee maker, can be run off the House batteries. Keep a close eye on everything with an Energy Managment System (EMS) control center. With the EMS, It over sees 220 Volt from generator or shore power electrical distribution and automatically cycles key appliances on and off during peak energy use to maintain optimum electrical system efficiency. Has load shedding technology that momentarily relieve the load of shoreline power, by increasing the onboard inverter load. Allows you to use as low as 20 amp power source when 50 amp is not available. Avoids nuisance tripping of campground circuit breakers. If you park in a parking lot and head to the beach for the day. Don’t forget to turn on your Auto Gen-Start, keeping your RV from getting stuffy and overheated inside in your absence, or automatically charging House Batteries for Inverter when they get below 10Volts. Batteries last a lot longer though with all of the interior lights upgraded to bright LED’s. If you accidentally locked your keys inside, no problem. Put in your security code on the outside upgraded touch panel, and your good to go (add as many as 5 users). When you get back on the road to your destination, feel the comfort of 46 degree air conditioning coming out of your dash vents that can blow your hat off.
2004 Newmar Essex Luxury Coach RV Diesel