Make Indian
Model Chief
Year 1935
Country United States
Region DE
City Dover
Zip 19905
This 1935 Indian Chief has just under went a 2 1/2 year complete frame off restoration. I have always believed that the 1935- 39 Indian Chiefs are some of the best looking motorcycles ever made. The 1935 year models were the first year of the streamlined fenders with the deep valance. This Chief features the optional V tank panels with a red and black two color paint design. This motorcycle runs and rides as good as it looks too. It has a 6 volt electrical system. The motor was completely & professionally rebuilt including: This is an optional Y motor with larger aluminum cylinder heads. Crankcases; All new bearings & races, then line honed & ball burnished. Crankshaft; All new bearings & races, then honed, trued & balanced. Cam Cover; rebuilt with all new bushings, then honed. Oil Pump; Completely rebuilt. (This is an original 1935 oil pump). Distributor:Completely rebuilt with all new moving parts. (This is an original distributor). Primary Cases; All new primary chain and friction plates. Transmission; New bushings and gears replaced as necessary. Cylinders & Heads; Correct front & rear 1935 Cylinders, new liners, pistons & valves, seats & guides. Ricardo Trench heads. Carburetor; Correct Schebler DLX108 carb, rebuilt. Generator; New Cycle Electric 6 volt generator. Oil Lines; New, Cad Plated. Shift Lever; New left hand shift. Exhaust; New with Town & Country cut out. Frame: This is a correct 1935 frame. Tires: New Coker diamond treads. Spokes; New stainless steel spokes & nipples. Hubs; Rebuilt with new bearings, felts & parts. Brakes; Re-lined and custom arced to fit the hubs. Cables; New. Twisters and grips; New. Tanks; New, Iron Horse Corral. Fenders; New Iron Horse Corral. Seat; New seat, seat post & new mounts. Chain guard; New Tool Box; New and new latch assembly. Handlebars: New from Mark’s Indian Parts Factory. Headlight; New Motolamp. Horn; New Indian Feather Face Horn. Ampmeter; New Ignition Switch; New 1935 ignition switch (1935 only). Dash; Original 1935 Indian dash panel with a chromed map light Sprockets & Chain; New. Nuts, Bolts & Fasteners; Correct hardware with no markings on heads, most are cad plated.
1935 Indian Chief Motorcycle Restoration